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Investment areas

Investment areas

Recent years were characterized by gradual recovery of macroeconomic situation in Poland, which is the 9th largest European country with over 38.5 million population and more than 312.000 km2 of area.

Financial products and services

The situation of finance market is significantly affected by the condition of the macroeconomic environment, the condition of global market economy as well as the situation on world finance markets.

Innovative technologies

Investments in new technologies and innovations are the core elements supporting economic development. On average, in Europe, 2% of GDP is devoted to research and development, whereas in Poland it is only 0.9 %.

IT market

Poland is on the top in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region in terms of the scale of predicted investment in IT solutions in the next 3 years

Energy Industry

In Poland, the production of primary energy is based mainly on fossil fuels. They are the 9th biggest deposits in the world. Hard coal and brown coal have been number one resources for many years. They cover almost 56% of the demand.

Agri-food market

Poland’s accession to the EU, has become a significant factor in development acceleration. This required a number of both pre- and post-accession grants and subsidies, enabling adaptation of production facilities to the European standards.

Real property

For a long period of time the prices for land in Poland recorded an upward trend, which coincides with the perception of investing in real estate land as a safe investment.

Waste management

One of the Fund’s investment areas is waste industry and therefore, the Fund is interested in implementing projects aimed to increase the amount of the processed waste, which, being collected, endanger the natural environment.


Polish transport market - is a highly developed market from the European perspective. Since 2004, when Poland joined the EU, continuous investment and development of transport infrastructure significantly determined the level and quality of transport services.


Tourism is a crucial area of economic and social activities. Touristic activity is one of the ways of measuring the living status of the citizens; it is also an indicator of the civilizational development of the societies.