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Investment projects

Obtaining financing or a partner


The key task performed by the experts of the Investment Service Center is to prepare an optimal investment offer for entrepreneurs who seek capital, as well as to find investors for projects with a high business potential. As a part of our activities, we search for investment projects on every development stage and finance selected enterprises with a high rate of return. Additionally, we follow the policy of active management, which means that we monitor every stage of the investment and actively participate in the management process.

The main areas of our activity are as follows:
  • passive and plus energy buildings, construction technologies, window and door woodwork, insulation systems and heating systems,
  • renewable energy, innovative technologies for collecting energy from wind, sun, water or biomass,
  • ICT solutions, software, mobile applications, cloud solutions and telemetric systems,
  • low-carbon transport - vehicles contributing to an increase of energy independency and reduction of greenhouse gases emission as well as charging infrastructure for the cars.
We can boast of many investment projects finalized both on the territory of Poland and within the entire Europe. Our main purpose consists in developing successful investment projects, which are to provide tangible profits in a particular period of time.


Obtaining financial support for the enterprise


If you are looking for capital to develop your startup and want to gain a high position on the market, contact us. Our goal is to render a complex assistance in the development process of a startup, regardless of its development stage. We search for prospective projects, which require financing and substantive help in order to support entrepreneurship.

We cooperate with international business incubators located in, among others: the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates. We strive to provide individually tailored approach. Therefore, thanks to our experience, capital and extended network of contacts, a good idea is enough if you want your company to develop dynamically and reach international markets. Our specialists are available on every stage of creating and implementing the development plan, as well as after its completion. We will help you to verify and expand your concept as well as assist you in developing business and marketing plan of introducing it to the market.


EU grants

Obtaining EU grants


European Union grants enable enterprises to conduct complex, long-term development actions thanks to significantly lower costs. We have already obtained financing for more than 150 investment projects located in the whole Europe. We focus on shaping the strategy and effective obtaining of the capital for any of your investments in every industry.

We specialize in complex acquisition of financing. After learning the investment needs, we offer our help in terms of choosing an appropriate support program and preparing the application form; supervision over proper adherence to the schedule of the project as well as its settlement. No matter if the funds come from EU grants or any other support program, you can count on our comprehensive help with no need for being concerned about high costs of the service. Our remuneration depends on your success!

Trade missions/ Fair

New markets


As a part of the platform for Trade missions and Fair, our experts will select a trade program or trade mission plan adequate to the needs of a client. The effectiveness of this formula can be proven by long-lasting participation of entrepreneurs, who purposefully chose exhibition on fair as an element of building the image and position on the market. ISC supports clients also with obtaining funds and capital for the planned action programs. The Marketing Department carries out relevant analyses and plans, which are then evaluated and utilized to appropriately customize the financing programs.

The platform provides lists and schedules of the most important industry fairs and conferences across Europe and the world. This database is connected to the companies cooperating with ISC and is updated all the time. ISC’s experts, thanks to long-lasting experience in the business, have wide spectrum of business contacts, therefore, the cooperation process with the event organizers is considerably shorter and lacks any unnecessary formalities.